Six Chimneys & A Dream Breakfasts

From a starter of fruit such as glazed pears or apples or peaches with berries and cream, you'll know ... breakfast at Six Chimneys & A Dream is something for which it is worth getting out of bed! 

The scents of fresh baked breads or muffins and coffee waft upstairs through the old floor grates, helping our guests to get their days started.  Our entrees range from sweet and puffy baked French toasts to fruit-filled Dutch Baby to savory egg casseroles ... or the interesting and very tasty Cornish Baked Egg.

Breakfast is usually served between 8AM and 9AM, but may be available at different times by special request.  There are several tables in our lovely dining room, but if the weather is nice, you are welcome to eat in our perennial gardens.

We enjoy trying new things in the kitchen, but if you have a plainer palate, just let us know.  We work hard to accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergies and just old-fashioned dislikes ... as long as you let us know ahead of time what they are.

Enjoy Our Savory Start to the Day!